—You should not try to be the driver if you don’t know where the road you have taken leads.

—Always weigh your words for fear of vexing, leading astray, or shocking, especially if dealing with weak minds.

—It’s futile to think you will be welcome if you speak only the truth.

—Don’t get angry at yourself, it’s as bad as getting angry at your neighbor, for your closest neighbor is yourself.

—Always be pleasant to strangers. But try to learn their ways before telling them of yours.

—If you aren’t able to keep your secret yourself, don’t think you will find someone else to keep it.

—Don’t ever turn up your nose at food, think of the effort it cost the worker, think of the great number who are dying of hunger in the World.

—The better I know people the more I love my dog!

—The poorer the soil that nourishes a tree, the deeper its roots go in… The same thing appears to be true of people.

—And if there were no cuckoo? Would Springtime ever come? —Open the door you say? For people to go out? Or for the dogs to come in?

—A new neighbor! A world to discover?

—When there is a servant in your house you see only his faults. Once gone, you speak only of his good qualities.

Translated by Lenora Timm

Gant Maria Prat hag an Dregeriz (1972)

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