Edition of the complete works of Anjela Duval

Oberenn glok Anjela Duval is the first — and only — complete works of a Breton language writer to have been published to this date. First published in 1999 to 1 000 specimens, the book had been unanimously greeted by the critics. The publisher, Mignoned Anjela, was crowned “Best breton-speaker of the year 2000” by the jury of the French TV France 3 Ouest. Above all, the book met a vast public and became out of print in a few months. The demand for this book, become rare, was strong; it was republished in 2005, year of the centenary of the birth of Anjela Duval.

The book gathers in only one volume all the writings of Anjela Duval, coming from fourteen books, a hundred reviews and many unpublished manuscripts. The whole is accompanied of more than two hundred photographs, twenty articles written by the friends or the specialists of the poetess, about thirty translations in various foreign languages, many explanatory notes, two indexes, a bibliography, etc. That is to say a total of 1288 pages of text and 48 pages of photographs.

The second edition of the Oberenn glok comprises few modifications compared to the original edition. Some errors were corrected and the range of the translations in foreign languages was extended, passing from twenty-nine translations in five languages to thirty-four translations in nine languages (amongst them Polish, Vietnamese, Galician, etc.)

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