Peaceful solitude. Wise friend;
With your thousand counsels. Your thousand secrets.
An endless tranquility. Messenger from the Sky
Thank you! Divine companion…
You, brimming over with winged life,
With trees, with flowers, with flowing water
In which every life is so pure
Every dream. Every tradition. Every intelligence.
Peaceful solitude. Friend.
Oh balm of my heart,
Consolation of my Soul. Encouragement of my will.
Speak to me. Sing to me. Rock me
With refrains from the earliest times,
Songs of the Sun. Songs of the Wind,
Ballads of our people in Paradise,
The Echo of the Angelus in the Sanctuary
And the sound of the sluice-gate in the mute valley.
Solitude full of magical songs,
Friend, I salute you.


Translated by Lenora Timm

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