—Sun, why are you so late getting up?
And why is your eye so red?
Did you have a nightmare
And weep in your sleep?

—I’ve neither slept nor dreamt.
During the night I’ve kept watch,
While the West slept without a care
On the grey ashes of its laurels,
I took a trip around the World.

—Sun! What did you see on your way?

—I saw people dying of cold.
I saw people dying of hunger.
Saw people dying in despair.
Saw people killing people, brothers striking each other.
Saw people oppressed.
Saw a great leader falling under a madman’s bullets.
Saw I don’t know how many people weeping.

And I still remained indifferent.

I saw people jeer at their afflicted brother,
At those in need,
At those under the yoke.

Then, however, I had to weep,
So that my eye is still red.

—Sun! Stop your weeping now.
Very soon in the Breton Sea,
You will soak your inflamed eye.

May 1964.

Translated by Lenora Timm

This poem in breton

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