Souls of my compatriots
Following your chagrin tonight
Through the paths of the Mountains
On the deep roads of the Forest
And on the beaches of the Sea,
Souls of my compatriots
Wandering in the black night
Tonight you will hear on every side
Whistling in the wind
Freedom fighters of Brittany 4
The dark night is theirs
That night will one day sing
The White Morning long awaited
The Great Morning of the White and Black. 5

Souls of my Ancestors
If you find them on your way
Give them your blessing
They are the Young People
Who have taken the Burden
On their strong shoulders
They are the Ones who will sweep away the Shame…

September 1968.

4 In Breton, T.D.B. = Talbenn dieubidigezh Breizh, “The Liberation Front of Brittany”

5 The “White and Black” is the name of Brittany’s national flag

Translated by Lenora Timm

This poem in breton

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