Ah! my dog! od knows how much there is between us.
Between your nature and the soul of your mistress
Only lie knows why and how
You live at her look, you die at her death
And through what sort of pity for our heart he will give you
To love again to people who are no longer loved by anyone!

For that humble little animal asleep at my feet
I never wounded your heart with a harsh word
While taking my hand away from your affectionate tongue.
But forever and always in you I have respected
The Goodness of the Creator your Master and Mine.
All Creatures are brothers and all are to respected by me.

When, my dog FIDO, your look is on mine
Only tranquility understands our mute conversation
When I need to sit down. When I need to kneel
Your eye opens suddenly; you jump up to sniff me
You read my pain in the depth of my eyes,
In the wrinkles of my brow, you read my chagrin
To distract me and try to ease my pain
You gently grip my hand, gently without hurting.

June 1968.

Translated by Lenora Timm

This poem in breton

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