To the mother of all mothers.

Today is Mother’s Day,
The festival of pure Love,
When hearts beat
All together,
…I’m alone,
My mothers are all in heaven
My mother by blood,
My mother by spirit,
And mother of all mothers
Mother of all orphan
…In my heart a cry arises,
In my heart a moan wells up
There are tears on my face,
A cloud in my soul.
…Oh matchless miracle,
Suddenly the sun shines
My sadness flees:
Here is youth around me,
Here are young Bretons in my house,
Their eyes full of happiness,
Their talk full of Love,
For old Brittany.
Oh mother of all mothers;
Mother of the One who is Master of all Nations,
May the blessing fall
On the young Plant of the old Nation.


Translated by Lenora Timm

This poem in breton

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