In a corner of my heart there’s a scar
That I have borne since I was young
For, alas, the one I cared for
Didn’t love what I loved
He only loved cities
Distant countries, deep seas
And I only loved the fields
The fair fields of my Brittany

Forced to choose between two affections
Love for a Country, love for a man
I’ve given my life to my nation
And let go of the one I loved
I never saw him again later
Heard nothing of his life’s course
The scar in my heart stays there
For he didn’t love what I love.

Every man must follow his Destiny
In this World that’s the law
My heart’s crushed most certainly
But he didn’t love what I love
For him riches, honors
For me disdain and poverty
But I’d not exchange for treasures
My Country, my Language and my Liberty.

December 1963.

Translated by Lenora Timm

This poem in breton

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